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 Binds (Force)

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PostSubject: Binds (Force)   Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:30 pm

The user has learned to manipulate the force in those around him. By doing so they ae able to make the targets body fail them.

only 1 active on 1 opponent, lasts as many rounds as title upgrade the user has

Force slow: decrease dex (speed) by ½ of fp spent

Force weaken: decrease str by ½ of fp spent

Force tire:
makes the body feel weak. Decreases end by ½ fp spent

Force distract: pushes thoughts/distractions in opponents mind to cause it harder to think. Decrease int by ½ of fp spent

Force suppression: Requires master title upgrade. Decreases fp by fp spent 1:1 ratio
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Binds (Force)
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