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 Offense (Force)

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PostSubject: Offense (Force)   Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:17 pm

Force pull/push: The user has learned how to manipulate objects far and near while using the force. By doing this objects that are normally to big are able to be moved with ease. Objects can be thrown at enemies or weapons lost in battle can be recalled to the user. (moves objects based upon how much fp you spend. Up to 5 is items held in 1 hand (book, lighsaber etc), up to 10 two hands (small boxes small tables etc) up to 15 would struggle with moving alone (couch larger tables), up to 20 things couldn’t move on your own, higher based on case. To push players/nps has to beat their str.)

Lightsaber (weapon) throw: Users have learned to manipulate the force to throw objects further than normal and return back to the users hand. This is most noted by Jedi who throw their lightsabers to attack from a distance. (does damage of str plus ½ of fp spent.)
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Offense (Force)
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