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 Athletics (Force)

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PostSubject: Athletics (Force)   Mon Jul 17, 2017 3:52 pm

Jump: The user has learned how to focus the force in their legs and use the force to jump higher and leap further. While using this the user does not take damage from the fall or leap that they make. (FP to increase the jump)

Strength: The user focuses the force into their next strike making it hit harder. This technique is used to overpower the foe. (adds half of FP spent to next attack)

Speed: With the assistance of the force the user has increased speed. The increase in speed has been known to make Jedi move incredible distances within a short time and make them near impossible to hit. (adds half of fp spent to dex can ONLY be used to avoid attacks or moving great distasnces for one post)
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Athletics (Force)
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