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 Defence (Force)

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PostSubject: Defence (Force)   Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:05 pm

Bubble: The user is able to generate enough force around them. The force looks like a bubble and fends off an incoming attack. Though the bubbles can be popped and when done so it offers little protection. (blocks incoming damage based upon FP spent, if not all damage is blocked this way then the user takes all damage)

Throw bubble: The user has learned how to focus the bubble around someone else. It is said it takes more force to focus on others though. (requires FP=1.5x the damge to block it, if not all damage is blocked, then all the damage is taken)

Force defend: The user readies his body for an incoming attack by focusing the force within his body. The force enhances his body so the attack does not hit as hard. (reduces damage by 1/2 of Fp spent to a minimum of 1 dmg. Any effects would still apply such as still flying through air if force pushed)
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Defence (Force)
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