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 Lists of Skill Trees

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PostSubject: Lists of Skill Trees   Thu Jul 13, 2017 11:16 am

Working on more anything in italics may be changed, so beware

Force Based title upgrades

Sense living beings: 10 fp min, in the room, the more cp spent the further radius and 40 fp can sense through walls)

Sense emotions: for every 5 fp can sense one additional target that can be seen)

Sense thoughts: must spend 20 FP and must be an npc

Sense force: can sense what type of force (dark or light) passive


Jump: Spend fp to jump higher

Strength: used to hit harder add half of Fp spent to str for one hit

Speed: increases speed (dex) by half of fp spent can be used to avoid attacks or moving great distasnces for one post

FORCE Defense

Bubble: uses fp to stop attacks can only cover yourself if it does not fully stop the attack take all dmg and still spend the fp

Throw bubble: 1.5 x the attack to “throw” a barrier on another target in order to block it. If not enough fp is pent the target takes all dmg and the fp is still spent

Force defend: reduces damage by fp spent to a minimum of 1 dmg. The user focuses and redies their body to be hit causing the attack to not be as effective. The effects would still apply (still fly through air if force pushed etc)

BATTLE MEDITATION: may only have one active, can not affect self

Force strength: increase str of others by ½ of fp spent. Follows rules of buffing

Force Dexterity: increases dex of others by ½ of fp spent

Force endurance: increases endurance by ½ of fp spent. Counts as temp hp and cannot be healed to that amount

Force intellect: increases int by ½ of fp spent

Force body: increases str and end by ½ of fp spent

Force mind: increases dex and int by ½ of fp spent

Full body: increases str, dex, end, intellect by ½ fp spent

Fp share: links your fp with someone else allowing them to use your fp


Force pull/push: moves objects based upon how much fp you spend. Up to 5 is items held in 1 hand (book,
lighsaber etc), up to 10 two hands (small boxes small tables etc) up to 15 would struggle with moving alone (couch larger tables), up to 20 things couldn’t move on your own, higher based on case. To push players/nps has to beat their str.

Lightsaber (weapon) throw: throws the users weapon that then returns. Does dmg of str plus ½ of fp spent.

Binds: uses debuff rules only 1 active on 1 opponent

Force slow: decrease dex (speed) by ½ of fp spent

Force weaken: decrease str by ½ of fp spent

Force tire: makes the body feel weak. Decreases end by ½ fp spent

Force distract: pushes thoughts/distractions in opponents mind to cause it harder to think. Decrease int by ½ of fp spent

Force suppression: requires master. Decreases fp by fp spent 1:1 ratio

Utility powers:

jedi mind trick: forces a though in some one elses head, cant be used to do dmg to others. A hit makes the effect were off. Has to be the opponents Int

Force life: after death the user can still communicate and even show up in an almost a holographic form. A form of immortality

Force focus:
Made by each person used to boost stats for certain activities. Can only use on yourself. Examples, piloting, hacking. Non attacks.

LIGHTSABERS title upgrades

Form-1 Shii-cho:

Disarming slash: The user makes an attack at the opponents weapon. (+5 to hit weapon, no dmg to opponent)

Sarlacc Sweep: The user makes a wide sweeping attack targeting multiple enemies (multi target hit)

Form 2 Makashi:

Contentious Opportunity: The user regonizes and exploits an opening in the opponents defense. (only action on
one turn then next turn gets a +10 to hit)

Makashi Riposte: a defensive technique where the user alters the angle of the incoming attack and makes a counter attack.

Form 3 Soresu:

Circle of Shelter: a technique where the user creates a protected area around themselves and allies (?) making
it difficult to hit. (+5 to dodge)

Deflecting slash: A technique where the user redirects the moment of blocking an enemy projectile (attack?) into a slashing attack at an adjacent target. (counter attack)

Form 4 Ataru:

Hawk-bat swoop: an attack where the user attacks so quickly no counter attack is possible

Saber Swarm: numerous short strikes aimed at the target

Form 5 Shien/djem So:

Barrier of blades: the user has a higher chance of deflacting blaster fire and a higher chance of redirecting the

Falling Avalanche: an overhead power blow that crashes down upon the opponent with incredible force.

Fluid riposte: a smoth transition from parrying an attack to a counter strike (counter attack)

Shien Deflection: Simultaneously deflect blaster fire and the user leaps towards an opponent

Form 6 Niman: (must be force sensitive)

Draw Closer: the user seizes an opponent with the force pulling the target into the path of their blade. (cost no

Pushing slash: The user slashes the opponent before force pushing them away (user still spends fp, see force

Form 7 Juyo/Vaapad:

Assured strike: trading power for a near-certainty hit. (+5 hit -5 dmg, can be any numbers but have to be same [+7 – 7] [+15 -15])

Vornskr ferocity: the user attacks “furiously”(?)

Swift flank: The user leaps or dashs around the opponent to make a quick strike, the speed of the maneuver is intended to catch opponents off guard.

Tempered Aggression: used to describe the ferocity of the Vaapad form, but with more control against succumbing to the dark side in the heat of the battle.
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Lists of Skill Trees
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