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 Quick Start guide

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PostSubject: Quick Start guide   Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:53 am

Stats broken down:

Strength: this stat is used to determine how much damage you do and if you hit with physical attacks, how much you can lift, anything that strength would determine IRL.

Dexterity: This stat is used to determine damage and hit rate with ranged attacks. It also determines speed, agility, anything else dexterity would cover.

Endurance: This determines how much damage you can take and how long you can handle strenuous activities.

Intellect: determines the “smarts” someone has, the higher the number the more likely they will know the history and such. Mechanics wise it determines how successful a mind attack is (Jedi mind trick force stun etc)

Force level:how much force points (fp) is determined by force level. Force points are used to use any force based actions. Fp= (Force level x 2) + 10

Force control (fc): this determines how many force powers you can learn. FC/3, rounded down is the amount of force powers able to be learned (ex fc=11 then 11/3 rounded down is 3 force powers). Fc also determines how “big” you can make a force action. You can spend FP up to FC x 1.5 (example FC=12 you can spend 18 Fp in one force action)

Energy: Energy is used to determine your energy pool (EP). Energy is used to use non force based actions. The Energy pool determines how much Energy you have to use. It is calculated by EP= (Energy x 2) + 10

Skills are found under skill trees. You MUST state how much EP or FP it cost when using a skill while roleplaying. These are added to the corresponding attribute to determine if it hits or works depending on the skill used. You begin with 3 and through roleplaying and completing quests and story arcs you will unlock SP (skill points). To get another skill you will need 6 SP. Every 6 you may by another Skill. You may get any skill in any skill tree if you have the Pre-requisites.  

Skill Points
While roleplaying your content will be judged and you will be rewarded SP. The amount you are given is based upon the quality of your post (not god moding, detail length etc), If you where consistent in your posting (how regular you are posting). Also along with that, if it seems like you are drawing out your posts or the entire thread just to get more SP you will be punished with less SP.  

Attribute point
Attribute points are used to progress your characters attributes. At “first level” you get 42 points to spend as you see fit in any attribute. After that, each skill you get 5 attribute points (AP) to spend freely. Attribute are the base of the stat when using actions (force, an attack, etc)

Skill checks
Outside of combat there will be skill checks that determine how fast you climb, or hack etc. These will have a number corresponding to them that you may or may not know. For example if you are climbing something and the difficulty is 20 and you have a 10 str, it will take to rounds to complete.
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Quick Start guide
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