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 Battle Mediation (Force)

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PostSubject: Battle Mediation (Force)   Mon Jul 17, 2017 4:11 pm

The user focuses on the battle and mediates. While in the meditative state the user buffs their allies giving them a possible edge in the battle. The user can buff as many people equal to the amount of title upgrades they have (must have all of a tier to learn the next tier)

Force strength: increase str of others by ½ of fp spent.

Force Dexterity: increases dex of others by ½ of fp spent

Force endurance: increases endurance by ½ of fp spent. Counts as temp hp and cannot be healed to that amount

Force intellect: increases int by ½ of fp spent


Force body: increases str and end by ½ of fp spent

Force mind: increases dex and int by ½ of fp spent


Full body: increases str, dex, end, intellect by ½ fp spent

Fp share: links your fp with someone else allowing them to use your fp
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Battle Mediation (Force)
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