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 First things first

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PostSubject: First things first   Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:50 am

THIS IS IN BETA! so there will be hiccups and kinks and op things and very underwhelming things, bear with me. If there is an issue II ask you fill out the form under "beta things". I ask for you to make it a topic to see if others agree or disagree. BUT if you do not wish people to know just dm me.

So to the rules portion.

1) no god moding, or meta gaming. (if it isn't in a mission or a pvp I am fine with being a little lenient, meaning you can force jump to a higher than usual place without spending FP, and such)

2)PG-13. I allow cussing but don't be weird and try to do sexual stuff, no one likes that guy

3)Be polite OOC. if you have a issue with someone come to me and let me handle it.

4)Mods ruling are final

5) uh there will be more

if any of these rules are broken or "bent" there will be a verbal warning from a mod. If a second one is broken or "bent" then punishment is left up to the mods. anything from deletion of post to permanently banned are options.


Do I start with a lightsaber?

No, you start with a training saber free as you are in the jedi academy. They give a *zap* but cannot cut through everything.

Can I become a Sith?
Unfortunatly not at this time, *SPOILERS* sith is another faction that will be rolling out *END SPOLIERS*. It may roll out before the beta ends, we will see.

What if I don’t want to be a jedi?
That is fine, there will be multiple factions in the future but as of right now this is a closed beta and need to see how this works.

What other factions will there be?
I do not want to speak too soon and get people excited for what could be, I rather make sure things are balanced before showing the “DLC”.

What if I want to play in the other faction will I have to kill this character off?
No, I will be allowing multiple characters per person. If this becomes an issue it will be changed. There will be stipulations on this rule. Also as of now you may be able to RP the faction change and join the other faction. This will only be available for beta testers as of now.

Is this in the canon universe?
Yes and no. being that new movies are coming out constantly this will take place in the future and be its whole new universe in a sense. Things may be referenced by mods but since there is new movies like I said this world will not change based upon that.

Can I be related to a canon character?
Being that this is set in the future and do not want a bunch of “I am the decendent of Luke” “I am the best pilot because my family comes from the legendary Han Solo”. My ruling is no.
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First things first
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